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New quick info area.

May 10, 2011
I updated the calendar to reflect the new meeting days.  We go back to the first and third Tuesday's of the month.  The time is the same.  I also added the Moonlight Madness event banner to our site.  Click on the banner to download the pdf file for pre-registration.  Please note that the dates are new on this new flyer.  The new dates are July 15,16 & 17.  This change was made due to the amount of snow still on the ground.

Also note that the BLP forum is up and running.  I will speak more about it at our next meeting.  Please register and I will confirm you as a member so you can post to the site.



BLP Minutes,
It had been a long time since our last meeting but we got one together. We discussed several items including the meeting dates change that is coming up quick. Meeting days will be changing once again to Tuesdays to accommodate the main boards work schedule. We know most work these days but if anyone is available please stop by.

The following items were discussed: BLP forms, Net meetings, Adding our link to other club's web sites, BLP forum, BLP repeaters, FUTURE EVENTS!, Steve's Jeep, and the March of Dimes event.

I was advised that the BLP forms are done but just need to get to me to add to our web site. I have created a new page for those forms and they will be available for download in three formats, .doc, (Word doc file) .pdf, (Adobe file) and .odt, (Open Office file). I will add them as soon as I get them.

We decided that having radio net meetings at this time are not needed because the club is small. We could still organize one if we ever need to though.

I have made several request to have our link added to a website that has hundreds of 4X4 links throughout the nation. So far no reply and no link. Here is the website link,

The BLP forum is still in the works. I have not heard from Steve M, N6SJM regarding the issue for awhile but know he was having difficulties with the site and how it must be set up. We may have to use something else instead of what I originally wanted. If anything changes I will let everyone know.

The BLP repeaters are doing ok. I know Tom wants to do some antenna work but that will come later. We discussed needing a back-up battery for the 440 machine and also doing a repeater shack clean-up. When I have more information regarding this issue I will of course post it.

Future events are in need of being planned. If anyone has any ideas please send out an email. We discussed planning a picnic day trip soon as possible. This would give us an idea of snow levels as well. We talked about Pismo after the 4th of July and even a camping trip. Please send any ideas you have. The more we get the more the members have a chance at attending.

Steve's Jeep is still down and the repairs should be underway soon. After the meeting I got a call from Steve who advised that he has ordered the parts to complete the work. Stay tuned to the website and be watching for an email regarding a Tech day to get the beast up and running. If we can get it going soon, the picnic day can also be utilized as a test run for the Jeep as well.

Tom and I assisted the CARP Radio Club with communications for the March of Dimes event in Fresno a few weeks back. The event went well and we assisted as BLP Club members. This adds more community service work to our resume and we had fun as well. Tom however received a ham radio ticket warning from an Official Observer who claims Tom misused his callsign or failed to use his call sign during the event. I have a mug shot of Tom to post later on our page. BAD TOM, BAD!!!!

We did not discuss this at the meeting but if you have logged into our page you will see the Facebook, Twitter, and now a BLOG link at the top of the page. The Blog account I use as quick updates. Important e-mails and and the information provided here will be posted to that page. The latest information will always be displayed first. No further information at this time except to remind you the next meetings will be Tuesdays unless otherwise advised.


Just wanted to let everyone know that our Club was mentioned in the
Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneer's
May 2011 e-Newsletter.  Tom and I participated in this event on
behalf of our Club. Below is the portion of the CARP newsletter that
mentioned us.

March of Dimes 2011 Event Recap
The 21st annual March of Dimes March for Babies walk was held Saturday
April 16th, 2011 at Woodward Park.

Communications for the event was coordinated by the Clovis Amateur Radio
Pioneers and handled by volunteers from various amateur radio groups
from the area. Volunteers worked closely with the Fresno County Search
and Rescue team to deliver supplies, monitor participants and direct aid
when needed.

Thank you to all who participated from the CARP, Fresno ARES, Badlands
Posse 4x4, FARC and SJVARS groups:

* AE6GE - Rob Mavis
* AE6SX - Dan Pruitt
* K6RTK - Ron Prewett
* KB6LQV - Ray Harkins
* KE6SHL - Richard Pack
* KE7VLT - Stan Harger
* KG6QHL - Robert Mavis
* KI6IHB - James Christopherson
* KI6NHT - Randy Scroggins
* KI6OYW - Gary Greenberg
* KI6QOH - Patrick May
* N6HEW - Glen Caine
* N6MQG - Tom Reinhart
* N6RBT - Bob Beck
* W6OCW - Gary Gleim
* WB6GBS - Ben Haman


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